The Gelati Da® Legacy

Since 1982, David Cannon, founder of Gelati Co. and creator of Gelati Da®, has been devoted to crafting the highest quality, authentically-Italian gelatos from heritage recipes passed down through centuries of worthy gelato makers. David trained exclusively with two Italian Guild Master gelato makers from Treviso, Italy ultimately achieving the status of Maestro Gelatiere. He works joyfully bringing his passion for Assaggia La Dolce Vita, "Taste the Sweet Life" to you.

Gelati Da gelato is lovingly prepared in small batches – each one made with 100% natural ingredients from sources around the world including the finest Italian confectionaries and flavor houses. Inspired by 16th century recipes and techniques, Gelati Da gelatos are made with BGH-free milk.

Our pure gelatos are free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

We invite you to taste The World’s Original Ice Cream®, available in 12 exciting flavors including favorites like

  • Amaretto Chocolate
  • Vanilla Marsala
  • Limoncello


We invite you to taste Gelati Da gelato, The World’s Original Ice Cream®, made with 100% natural ingredients and BGH-free milk. Available in 12 exciting flavors.

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