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Gelati-Da The World's Original Ice Cream®

GELATI-DA® is a proprietary brand of Gelati Co., a Minnesota corporation founded in 1982, by David Cannon, a "maestro gelatiere" (Master class Italian ice cream maker), and a Twin Cities, Minnesota native.

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream – the world's first ice cream. Gelati-da is a true re-creation of the original, unique flavors and texture of gelato circa 1533 A.D. Florence, Italy. It just happens to be “healthier” than other frozen dairy-based desserts because it is lower in fat, lower in calories and cholesterol (no eggs) than any dairy-based (non yogurt) ice cream and other commercially-made gelato in the market place today.

Enjoy the subtle and complex Vanilla Marsala or perhaps something fruity like Limoncello. And for an even more decadent experience try : Amaretto Chocolate


Welcome to the Sweet Life

We invite you to seek moments of your sweet life! These are the happy, satisfying moments that take us away from the everyday hussle and stress of worklife. It calms us down and energizes us. The Sweet Life is built by a personal commitment to dedicate quality time spent with friends, family and lovers – moments to relish, cherish and enjoy. Have a scoop of gelati-da®, maybe with your favourite espresso drink and create your own SWEET LIFE moments.

gelati-da® is a genuine "old world" re-creation and a "new" healthier, authentic gelato taste experience.

We at Gelati Co. are constantly listening and reacting to our consumers' opinions regarding current and future flavors. Limoncello and Cioccolata are but two examples... read more


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