Gelati Da®: The World's Original Ice Cream®

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream – it’s the world's first ice cream. For almost 35 years, Gelati Da has been crafting a pure and authentic re-creation of the original gelato recipe from 16th century Florence, Italy. Every lovingly prepared small batch of Gelati Da gelato, conceived from a Maestro Gelatiere, Master Gelato Maker, is made with 100% natural ingredients from sources around the world including the finest Italian confectionaries and flavor houses.

Made only with BGH-free milk, Gelati Da gelatos are free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Gelati Da gelato is a sweet and better-for-you indulgence that just happens to be “healthier” than other frozen dairy-based desserts. It’s lower in fat, calories and cholesterol (no eggs) than most other dairy-based (non yogurt) ice cream and other commercially made gelato.

So, we invite you to Taste the Sweet Life™ – those happy, satisfying moments that bring us together. The Sweet Life is built by a personal commitment to spending quality time with family and friends – creating moments to relish, cherish and enjoy, perhaps while sharing a delicious scoop of Gelati Da gelato!


We invite you to taste Gelati Da gelato, The World’s Original Ice Cream®, made with 100% natural ingredients and BGH-free milk. Available in 12 exciting flavors.

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